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Serving Size: 2 Caplets

Bee Pollen (1000 mgs.per serving)  - A Complete Food

Bee Pollen contains all the ingredients necessary for a balanced diet, including 5-7 times more protein than beef. 22 nutrients required by the human body are found in this "perfect " food! Doctors in Europe often prescribe Bee Pollen as a food supplement to increase energy and vitality. Bee Pollen has increased performance levels by athletes, shortened recovery times for convalescents and helped people control their weight by stabilizing the chemical balance in body metabolism. We procure our Bee Pollen from areas all over the World and "cross blend" it for maximum effectiveness.

Royal Jelly (200 mgs.per serving ) - Nature's Rejuvenator

Royal Jelly is the milk of nursing bees, highly nutritive and hormone rich. Worker bees are fed Royal Jelly diluted with honey for the first 3 days of their lives; after that, it's pollen and honey.  The Queen bees, however, feast on Royal Jelly their entire lives.  It transforms an ordinary female bee into a Queen, increases her life-span of three months to over five years and enables her to produce twice her own weight in eggs each day. Many nutrients, trace minerals and amino acids are found in Royal Jelly. Dr. H.W. Schmidt of the German Medical Association states, "Royal Jelly preserves life and strength, delays the aging process and retains youthful freshness of body and mind." Our Royal Jelly is freeze-dried for freshness and potency.

Raw Honey (100 mgs.per serving) - More Than Sugar

Raw Honey (unheated, unfiltered) contains as many as 80 substances necessary for life, including 7 B-vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. For generations honey has been known to have beneficial effects for humans. An instant energy building food, honey contains all the essential minerals necessary for sustaining life. We freeze dry our honey leaving this food in its natural state which in turn retains all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes inherent in this healthful food. The amount of Raw Honey in each caplet equates to less than three calories so even people on a low sugar (diabetic) diet can enjoy the benefits of Bee Caps.

Propolis (300 mgs.per serving) - A Natural Antibiotic

Bees adopted sterilization long before humans were aware of the need for hygiene. The most sterile place in nature is the bee hive. Propolis is the substance responsible for neutralizing any bacteria, fungi or virus which enters the hive. One of the most powerful antibiotics found in nature, it is a highly complex mixture of waxes, resins, balsams, oils and a small amount of pollen. Our Propolis is gathered from all over the world and is temperature controlled to assure maximum freshness and consistency.


The most perfect food supplement money can buy. Bee Caps are a blend of the four products from the bee hive - Royal Jelly, a natural rejuvenator; Propolis, nature's most potent antibiotic; Raw Honey, an instant energy builder and Pollen, often called nature's most "perfect" food.

It was initially believed that only the elderly and convalescents would purchase our product, but unsolicited letters indicate that people of all ages and all walks of life purchase and benefit from Bee Caps. Anyone who needs an extra bit of energy or the feeling of well being that comes from an improved diet can benefit from this fine food supplement. Bee Caps can give you that added assurance of a healthy, more complete diet.

Everyone is different, but generally taking two caplets at breakfast and two at supper works best for most people. Take four caplets per day-heavier people may want more; lighter people can use less and still get the full benefits. Experiment until you determine what's best for you. If you find that your supper time Bee Caps give you too much energy and keep you awake at bedtime, take them during lunch instead of supper. Again, experimenting is the key!

Bee Caps work very quickly for many people but for others it takes longer. This is true with all nutritional approaches to better health, so here's how we give you plenty of time to try your Bee Caps without any financial risk:

Try our Bee Caps. If you are not sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, able to work more hours with less stress or generally enjoying life a little more, simply return the empty bottle(s) along with your receipt for a prompt refund.  You have no risk and a lot to gain!

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