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Bee Caps Plus

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Our original formula Bee Caps plus 125 mcg of Chromium.

A new form of BEE CAPS with the added benefit of CHROMIUM!  Well known for helping the body process sugars, we've added 125 mcg of CHROMIUM to our original BEE CAP formula. CHROMIUM helps your body turn sugar into energy.

"CHROMIUM helps insulin transfer glucose and other nutrients from the bloodstream into the cells" says Richard Anderson, a chromium expert at the United States Department of Agriculture. CHROMIUM is necessary for insulin metabolism. It helps insulin move glucose from the bloodstream to the cells for cell energy. It can also help reduce symptoms of glucose intolerance. Research shows that CHROMIUM deficiency may be a widespread problem. Many people, such as athletes, diabetics, mothers and the elderly, are especially at risk. A lack of CHROMIUM can impair insulin function, inhibiting protein synthesis and energy production. Worse, it can lead to type II Diabetes and even heart disease. Because the form of CHROMIUM in many foods does not absorb easily, and Americans are notorious for their high sugar consumption, most of us are not getting enough CHROMIUM in our diets. BEE CAPS PLUS supply that extra CHROMIUM.

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