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Heart Smart-COENZYME Q10-Coqsol

This product, known as “ COQ10” for short, has been referred to as spark plugs for your car’s engine. It is essential to the production of energy in the body. This nutrient has the power to protect you from free radicals and help your body extract energy from the foods you eat. The body’s production of COQ10 diminishes with age or illness. This is a time when the body needs it most. COQ10 nourishes the heart by fighting free radicals. As an energy producer it helps keep your heart pumping strong. Studies show that people taking cholesterollowering statin drugs have depleted levels of COQ10 in the body. Since your muscles (including your heart) need this nutrient taking a COQ10 supplement is vital. Our formula combines the antioxidant form of Vitamin E and rice bran oil. (Which greatly increases the absorption of COQ10 when taken with a meal.) We also added Vitamin A (as beta carotene).

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