Nature Cure

P.M.S. Pack

MenoPausal Formula

Nutritional management for P.M.S.

We have incorporated several different supplements with benefits for women suffering from P. M. S. into a single packet of pills. This is a mix of vitamins, minerals and herbs that studies have shown help alleviate the symptoms of P. M. S.. Included in this packet - Black Cohosh, which has been used for centuries to treat "female troubles" and has been found in tests over the last decade to help with the pain, bloating and cramps associated with P.M.S. This pak eliminates having 5 different bottles of supplements. It is more convenient and economical for you to take (1) one pak than to take several tablets from (5) five different bottles. Also, when you are going to be away from home you can simply slip the necessary number of paks into your pocket or purse and take them wherever you go. Each bottle of Nature Cure P.M.S.-Pak contains 30 packets (7 pills per pack).

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